About Us

Based out of the suburbs of Chicago, Collected Company is a brand that is constantly developing. What started as simply a t-shirt design idea, has developed into a platform of self-expression, collaboration, commerce, and art, as well as a hub for useful positive ideas with a mission of bringing people together, and bringing the best out of people.

The concept of Collected is about striving to be Collected as individuals, and striving to be Collected as a community. Undoubtedly when we strive for these things, then the world will become a better place for everyone.

We are all unique individuals with our own diverse background, personality, talents, and passions. When we come together with an open mind and without judgement is when we can work, live, and play together in harmony.



Hello, my name is Joey Gomez and I am the founder of Collected Company. In January 2019 I started making ‘cllctd.’ t-shirts with the logo you still see today and started giving them to my friends. It may seem small, but at the time it was a big step for me in expressing myself. By starting this journey I have learned a lot about myself and about other people. Maybe most importantly, I learned that if you stay true to yourself, people will be much more helpful and supportive than you originally thought they would. This rings true to the concept of Collected because as an individual I just needed to start the process, from there I have gotten support from countless people who each had their own role in creating what the brand is today.