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Collected Co. is based out of Chicago, Illinois. The idea for Collected Co. was created in the summer of 2017, but it wasn't until January 2019 when the brand started to come to life. The brand is constantly developing. What started as a t-shirt design idea, has slowly but surely evolved into something more like a social movement.

As every individual and society as a whole both face plenty of problems, it is crucial that we stay collected as individuals, and stay collected as a community. There is a huge black abyss that is consuming society. That black abyss is really widespread apathy, lack of authentic human connection, a lack of one’s own desire to reach their full potential, and many other things. The goal of Collected Co. is to spark a positive conversation, and give people a positive perspective no matter their circumstances. The role of Collected Co. is to start filling in that huge abyss, and create a more collected community.



My name is Joey Gomez, and I am the founder and creator of Collected Co. I have experienced, and still experience apathy, insecurities, lack of faith, and a lack of genuine human connection in and around my life. Starting this brand has helped give me confidence expressing myself, and it has also helped me greatly find direction and clarity in life. I am not the most collected person ever, but I am in the pursuit of being fully collected. I believe the ideals behind Collected Co. could most definitely help anyone out. It is my goal for the products, this website, and the brand to act as beacons of positivity, faith, and love.